Starting a different path – 2012

Last year I had my worst losing year on record in online poker.

My live game is a lot more profitable. I am going to stick with live brick and mortar poker until there are more weaker players online.

In fact, I will try to wait until online poker is legal in the US. By that, I mean the money transfer part.

My goal for 2012 is to become a professional poker dealer and then become the best dealer possible.

Last year I started dealer training by purchasing an online dealer training course. The local poker room, “The Poker Room NH”, advised me to get live dealer training from “The Dealing Academy” run by Le-Ann Anderson in Haverill, MA and I did.

Last week, I went to “The Poker Room NH” and filled out the  initial employment paperwork. I also received instructions from one of their more expienreced dealers on how to deal for the MTT – multi-table tournaments – that they are offering on a regular basis.

I am one step closer to starting my goal of being a dealer.

Tomorrow, I go to “The Poker Room NH” for more orientation and hopefully a dealer assignment.

While waiting, I practice at home on the basics – the mechanics of shuffling and pitching the cards. I want to do this well enough and fast enough so that I keep the game going at a reasonable pace. The one thing I do not want to do is to interfere with the action from the players. I will control the atmosphere and the pots, but I do not want to influence the players in their decisions.

To that end, my goal is to be friendly and fair and enforce all the rules in a non-biased manner.

(this post is also posted on and titled “Here I come!”)

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