An uneventful evening

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For the past four months I have been working regularly on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 3:00 pm on, at The Poker Room NH in Hampton Falls NH.

My first time dealing poker as a professional started on January 3, 2012, this year.

I am probably their least experienced and least capable dealer but I am trying to improve each day that I go to work.

Currently, I am only dealing Texas Hold’Em:  cash, tourneys. and “sit n go’s”. I soon hope to be dealing Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Hi/Lo.

Each time I sit down at a table to deal, I never know what is going to happen. Sometimes the cards I deal out are very interesting.  Sometimes I make little mistakes that can irritate the players and slow down the games.  Some players are more understanding than others.  But I have no problem dealing with complaints and accepting them, when I am at fault or not.

Each day that I work, I have as a goal to have one perfect session, where nothing goes wrong.  Even our best dealers make mistakes from time to time and I hope to become more like them.

On the plus side, I am one of three dealers, so far,  at The Poker Room NH that has dealt out a “bad beat” that has resulted in players winning hundreds of dollars, so most players are  happy to see me coming to their table.

Last night I worked from 5:20 pm to 10:00 pm. I did not even start dealing until 6:30 pm as I was at a table waiting for more players to enter our 5:30 pm tourney. We had set up six tables but ended up filling only four.  When it was my turn to go to an active table and to deal, I was able to do so and I dealt with the minimum of problems.

About my biggest challenge was when the antes kicked in.  Antes are small amounts that every player must put into the pot in addition to the big blind and the small blind.

So after I am done my shuffling of cards and before cutting the deck and dealing cards, I must collect the antes and make sure that the blinds are posted. That adds an additional 20 to 60 seconds to each hand being dealt, depending on if I have to ask for the antes and if I have to make change etc.

For the first night since I have been there, I had a practically perfect night dealing. But I must not rest on my laurals, as I know I need to improve in counting bets, chips, side pots, etc.

Still, I did feel good and went home in high spirits.

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