If you don't use it …

Math equation dice d6

Math equation dice d6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dad used to quote the old saying “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” and I am starting to see just how true that is.

Whither it is poker dealing, my new and latest profession, or blogging, or exercise, or just about any other activity you can think off, this seems to be true.

I used to be very good at business math but for the past five years, I  have not had to do any heavy math and certainly not without a calculator. Now, I am required to quickly compute pot sizes, rake amounts, side pots, and a variety of other dealer tasks that requires math. I found that I have to practice math in order to pick up speed and accuracy.

The same is true of the physical aspects of poker dealing. Usually, before I go in to work, I practice at least 15 to 60 minutes doing my shuffling and card pitching exercises. as well as chip cutting and counting.

Physically, I am much better off if I take the time to exercise my body as well. Some light weight lifting involving my hands, arms and upper torso are helpful. Even light walking helps to build my stamina.

It appears that the old adage is much more than just a quaint old saying.

Another saying, along the same line is “practice makes perfect”.

But that goes without saying.



I just said it.

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