Keeping up with the poker world

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I play poker online and at The Poker Room NH, where I also deal poker.

But when I travel back and forth to work, I listen to various poker podcasts.

All of these podcasts are free and I download and sync them to my iPod using iTunes.

The following is a list of the various ones that I listen to and a little bit about them.

ESPN: The Poker Edge

Poker Editor Andrew Feldman brings you the latest news from the poker world and interviews the game’s best players who provide strategy, analysis, and commentary. This can get very lively at times.

The Gamblers Book Club’s Podcast

The host of the podcasts, Howard Schwartz, famed consultant, gambling books historian and figurehead of the GBC, talks about books, and with players, celebrities and important figures in gambling. He interviews the authors and the players and brings great insights into the world of gaming and casinos.

Where GrinderSchool poker instructors talk shop, discussing poker strategy and various other topics. They sometimes interview members to discuss hands and why the players made the decisions that they did.

Poker Action Line:

Hear the latest tournament results and the schedule of upcoming events. Talk strategy and pick up tips to improve your game. Follow the WSOP, WPT, LAPT, EPT and great local tournaments from around the country.

Pondering Poker:

Here excerpts from books being read and information about current poker events as well as picking up some great poker tips.

Rounder’s Radio – Poker Talk Radio

Here a variety of poker related podcasts, some with Bernard Lee, and some with Ace Jones and crew. Great guests and poker related topics and stories are discussed.

And last but not least, my favorite –

Two Plus Two Podcast:

The leading publisher of poker strategy and advantage gambling books brings that same level of expertise and quality to audio. The hosts, Mike and Adam, bring current topics, interview poker players and many others associated with live and online poker. The actual podcast is entertaining and sometimes irrelevant.

Hope that you find some of these interesting and entertaining.

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  2. Poker is really one of the best casino game for which people die to play it. I play poker where I want either in poker room or online with casino sites.

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