Use it or lose it

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Retirement and living in a secluded area in NH with less people interaction, is causing me to lose my voice, literally and figuratively.

This may be due to many factors. Being away from people most of the time. Being mildly depressed. Being agreeable or not voicing any disagreements might also contribute to my voice slowly disappearing.

My online voice is also very faint. I barely blog and then usually, it is a podcast about a book we just listened to.

A few months ago I attended a Social Media event entitled “Sobcon 2012” and learned during a work session, that everyone should take drama lessons as a way of improving ones voice. When discussing this with Diane, she suggested that I talk into a mirror as a way of getting my voice back.

Regardless of what it takes, I am going to work on getting my actual physical and virtual voice back before I lose it entirely.

My father used to say if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Whatever “it” may be.

It is not enough just to speak or talk, I need to project more, giving words or phrases more emphasis.

At the poker room, when I am dealing I will say:

Small blind, big blind

Antes please

Your action

Player raises

Player calls

Raise is announced

Player re-raised All-in

Blinds are up next hand

If you are not in the hand you are on break

We will be coloring up the chips

We will not be coloring up the chips

Blinds and/ or antes will be xxx when we return from break

And much, much more.

But I only deal two days a week and apparently this is not enough to build up my voice to the point where it is understood in a noisy crowd.

So I will endeavor to practice speaking to the point that I am heard and I will do the same regarding my blogging here or at

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