Villainess or Victim

Annie Duke at 2007 WSOP

Annie Duke at 2007 WSOP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adult male aggressive businessmen are called self-confident and dominant. Females with the same attributes are called bitches or worse.

Such is the trap that it appears Annie Duke has fallen into.

Annie Duke, born Annie LaBarr Lederer, in Concord, NH, has a long career as a professional poker player and has attempted to start or work on many business opportunities.

Annie Duke joined Ultimate Bet in 2000 as a spokesman (Phil Helmuth was hired in 2004).

Phill Hellmuth in 2006 World Series of Poker a...

Phill Hellmuth in 2006 World Series of Poker at Rio lAs Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to wikipedia, Annie Duke has been involved in numerous poker activities and promotions, including writing her autobiography, “How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions at The World Series of Poker”, appearing on the Colbert Report, the Gaming Show Network, Poker After Dark, and other poker related shows.

She also appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice, finishing second only to Joan Rivers even though Annie had raised more money for her charities.

One of her latest ventures, her involvement in the Epic Poker League, may have caused her to receive the most criticism. Her title was the commissioner of the League which was made up of mostly professional poker players chosen for their results and standings in the poker community. It was by invitation only basically and you had to qualify to maintain your standings to belong.

The Epic Poker League was originally funded from a venture capitalist group but the monies were spent rather quickly without new revenue sources to offset the expenses. Promises were made to players, employees and vendor and these were not kept. Although it was announced that the bankruptcy was going to be a reorganizational bankruptcy, no reorganization took place and the assets of the Epic Poker League were acquired by Pinnacle Entertainment, one of the major debtors.

Even though both Annie Duke and Jeffrey Pollack were commissioners, you can see based on ownership of common stock that the actual power was divided up by the top three, consisting of David Goldberg, co-CEO, Michael Brodsky, and Jeffrey Pollack with the lions share of common stock, while Annie Duke had the highest salary of the four. Since the stock is now worthless, Annie made out best of all with her salary arrangement with the Epic Poker League.

The follow shareholder information was taken from the bankruptcy documents.

Michael Brodsky Common 67,302

David Goldberg Common 67,302

Jeffrey Pollack Common 66,876

Jeffrey Pollack Trust Common 3,519

Anne L. Duke Common 20,000

Jeffrey Grosman Common 18,750

FSG Partners, Inc. Common 6,250

It is my contention that Annie Duke has had a bad run of luck when it comes to business involvements, such as UB and Epic.

In her own element, poker and also book writing, she seems to be doing great. Her last two books were written with John Vorhaus, another poker professional.

The advice and information that Annie Duke and John Vorhaus give is top notch and quite helpful. These books are titled: Decide to Play Great Poker: A Strategy Guide to No-limit Texas Hold Em and The Middle Zone: Mastering the Most Difficult Hands in Hold’em Poker , both available on Amazon. (These links are our¬†affiliate¬†links with Amazon).

Note: On September 21, 2012, Annie Duke and her crew will be putting on a boot camp at my workplace, The Poker Room NH, and she will be playing in the $250 Main Event on September 22nd. (I hope to see and deal to her at one of the tables that day.)

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