Starting out in Vegas!

Official seal of Las Vegas

Official seal of Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am living in Las Vegas and I have not been blogging about my great adventures.

Until now!

Alright, they are great to me.

But I just realized that many of my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ friends would give their eye tooth to be in Vegas and be able to do all the cool things that are available in Vegas.

So first things first.

How we got here?

Long story short, back four years ago, Diane and I moved from Revere Mass to Fremont NH. From a coastal town to the woods in New Hampshire.

Turns out Diane was allergic to trees, which we had in abundance.

So after four years she says let us move to Vegas. I say what?

She says, you know, Vegas, it has a desert and would be good for my allergies and you could even play poker there.

Well, I was hooked and we moved out here.

Even before we bought our home here, we met one of our next door neighbors. His name was Mike and he was very nice. He said that his wife, Corky, could not come out to great us right now as she was playing poker online.

Wow, how great was that, neighbors that have an interest in poker. It does not get better than that.

In August we checked out the area, bought the house in October, and moved here to Las Vegas, the desert, and “The Poker Capital” of the world. (At least in my mind).

More on these adventures in my next post.

English: The Golden Nugget Las Vegas

English: The Golden Nugget Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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