Lots to do before playing poker in Vegas

We had over 400 boxes to unpack so October was not a heavy poker month for me or for Diane.

Of note, while I have over 60 books about poker in its various forms, and I have played online since 2003, the MoneyMaker year, it was my wife Diane that first got involved with poker in Vegas.

Our neighbor, Corky, invited Diane to become a member of the Las Vegas Poker Hotties


Poker (Photo credit: polomex)

.  Who’d figure?

While she was playing poker with the likes of Pam BrunsonAnjela Brunson, and Linda Johnson, the First Lady of Poker, I was playing at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall with some of the locals.

She lost the tourney and I lost $250 in my first NL Holdem cash game.  Not auspicious start for either of us.

But at the end of October, one of our FaceBook friends mentioned that there was going to be a Championship Beard contest and that we should check it, which we did.

First poker tourney for me was at the Golden Nugget at the first ever Beard Team USA Poker Tournament.

There were over 65 bearded gents, including myself.

Some of these guys had never played poker much less a tournament but I was unable to take advantage of this.

I lasted until just after the first break.

Diane and I then attended the Whiskerinas’ National Ladies’ Fake Beard and Moustache Competition.

For the full story, see this on MomPopPow.

This was how October closed for us.

More next time.

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