Playing a Grumpament

Courtesy of hardboiledpoker.blogspot.comFebruary 1st, I saw on Twitter that @PokerGrump aka Bob Woolley, was leaving Las Vegas and that a special send off party was being given in his honor. The twitter hashtag was #Grumpament and the tourney was being held at the Treasure Island Poker Room.

This would be a chance meet up with people that I have been following on Twitter for years, IRL (in real life). I got to the casino early and got the required ‘Player Card’ (each casino chain has their own rewards card, which also keeps track of how much you gamble and on what).

I registered for the event then went in search of the real life people that were going to be here to send off @PokerGrump.  I got to meet many people, some of whom I might not have remember for this post.

In addition to @PokerGrump, there were: @Alaskagal1, @WriterJen, @FTrainpoker, @Snapple95, @Robvegaspoker, @PokerVixen, @Mitzula, @ChrisAbramski, and @ckbwop.

At the 7 pm tournament there were almost 30 people playing on three tables.

I lasted about an hour after the first break before running out of chips, cards and luck. My poker skills only got me so far.

Of interest during the event,  was a gentleman to my immediate right. He apologized all night long  to the players next to him for his supposed bumbling behavior. He made numerous errors and had to be helped by everyone at our table, even the dealer.

He ended up at the final table. I think we were hustled. Instead of him being the “fish” in our poker pond, he was the “SHARK” swimming around in search of our chips.

After the tourney, many of the players ventured to a local watering hole to wish Bob well in his new adventures.

@PokerGrump,  safe journey!

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