Open Letter to the Nevada Gaming Control Board

Nevada State Gaming Control Board

Addressed to:

Should Poker Sites that announce a Daily guaranteed game but fail to run or start that game let their players know why?

For instance, an online poker site in Nevada announces a poker tournament with a guarantee will run at 18:00. But on or after 18:00, that game does not appear on the canceled list. Public inquiries using Twitter are made but no responses.
The only part that answers is support via email and the usual answer is they are sorry it did not run. No explanation is given.
Should not the online sites be more transparent?
Before FullTiltPoker collapsed, they did not answer anyone.
This does not make for a very friendly atmosphere for the players.
What are your requirements for the sites.
Stephen Edward Brogan
Las Vegas, NV
P.S. Actual physical address and phone number left out to protect the innocent!

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