Abusive language in chat during online poker


There is nothing that I find more upsetting than bullying at the online poker tables. This comes in the form of snide remarks and some times in veiled profanity, like breaking up the works “you are stu pid” or even stronger profanity will escape the notice of the client software that would ban such language.

Finally I had enough and sent the chat to an online poker site saying that their programming should take care of this. Being a programmer in my past life, I know that this is doable but that it adds to the client overhead.

Here is the response I got back:


Good morning Stephen!

I am very sorry to see you had an unpleasant experience at one of our tables. I will look further into this situation and take the necessary action. We do strive to provide a pleasant and fun experience for our players and encourage anyone to let us know when another player is being inappropriate. We will investigate this, but in the future if another player is being overly inappropriate we do have the mute option so you can continue to enjoy the game without the disruptive actions of others distracting you.

I truly hope this covers everything. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Turning off the player chat should not be the option. Abuse talk and behavior is not allowed in live poker rooms and should not be tolerated online either.

What are you thoughts about the subject?

2 thoughts on “Abusive language in chat during online poker

  1. I agree! Bad chat should always be not allowed, caught by the site…like PS & FT always did…and bans put in place. I can’t even play on the site, but UP, and some of their reps., seem a tad condacending in their interactions with the players/general public, If these sites are going to compete, eventually…why would they not go all out in their customer service, software, and representation?

    • Suzy, I thank you for your response. I may be fighting an uphill battle with Ultimate Poker. Today at my table, someone use the “F” word. I don’t have virgin ears but the software did absolutely nothing to mask the word. UP is not even trying, in my opinion.
      On Twitter, I had one person respond back to me saying “As one of the offenders, I couldn’t care less. Esp. enjoy when I’m the one berated. Love the banter”. When I asked if he was kidding, he said no and that it was time to “have our big boy pants on”. Since this discussion was going nowhere, I took him off of my Twitter lists, I unfollowed him and then I blocked him. Abuse is abuse, enough is enough. His twitter profile says he is “unapologetic in my views”. Well, so am I.
      Again, thank you for the words of reason.

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