It’s time for me to play in the WSOP!


I am extraordinary blessed because I live in Las Vegas! One of the top four poker meccas in the United States.

There are 28 rooms within 15 miles from where I live and they all have either cash games or tournaments or both.  (See BravePokerLive for details)

Laughlin, Nevada has a half dozen poker rooms and is only 72 miles away. Add to that the dozens of poker rooms within 300 miles.

Did I mention that Las Vegas also has Bar Poker as well?

Perhaps the best thing about being in Nevada is that I can play legal, regulated on-line poker on the site. They have sites in two states: New Jersey and Nevada. While the numbers are small during the off season (when the WSOP events are not playing at the Rio Hotel and Casino), there are enough players to try improving my skills at cash games, Sit and Go’s (SnG’s), and Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT’s).

Satellites to the WSOP events usually start a few months prior to the WSOP events at the Rio and run right up to the World Series of Poker Main Event.

I have always wanted to play in the World Series of Poker but felt that the buy-ins were beyond my bankroll. Until now! The WSOP 2015 has added a new game to the 2015 series – “The “Colossus”!

According to the WSOP: “This two starting day event on Friday, May 29 and Saturday, May 30 will feature a $5,000,000 prize pool guarantee and the lowest buy-in for any WSOP open event in 35 years – just $565! There will be two starting flights each day – at 10:00am and 4:00pm – with a re-entry format (limited to flights they have not previously entered). Players will love the robust 5,000 in starting chips with the tournament beginning without an ante and blinds at 25/50.”

I can fire one bullet without bankrupting my bankroll. There is even the possibility of satelliting into the event at an even lower price.

I can describe my poker abilities as being a recreational player, which means that I am not a winning player and that I have to add to my bankroll from my personal finances from time to time.

Be assured that that my poker money comes from my personal funds that I earn for that purpose and that I do not use household funds to support my poker playing. This is very important and something that I am serious about.

I have been in Vegas for over two years now and the closest I have gotten to the WSOP events was being at the rail, watching others try their skills and luck (some luck is required no matter how much skill you have).


But, now, I am almost ready to play a WSOP event at the Rio this summer. The Colossus.

In order to prepare for the event, I have started walking daily, starting at an hour a day or two miles and will build up to three hours a day or six miles a day by the end of February. I also am playing on-line: at least six Sit and Go’s to build up my playing skills. Starting in February, I will be playing at least two live SnG’s at our local casinos and a weekly MTT event. I also will reach out to friends and acquaintances that I have made as a member of for advice.

I have over five months to get ready for an event that may run for over 12 hours a day or more and could take at least three to five days to complete.

WSOP players

How do you get ready for events that you play in?

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