Life plans reset

I had a lot of poker goals that I set for 2015 that did not occur for one reason or another. My inability to play in the 2015 WSOP was due to lack of a proper bankroll.  I probably could have bought into some of the lower priced events, but to be honest, I have no business being there at this time in my life.  My skill set is not there yet.

At best, I am a recreational player but I am happy with that.  I found that I can get my poker fix for $5’s a game in a live Sit N Go by playing in the Nevada Poker League (NPL).  This gives me great value for my limited funds. It also gives me an opportunity to improve my live tournament play.  Plus there are tournament cash prizes at the end of the month that I can qualifier for during the course of the month.

Another benefit to playing in the league is that I get to meet and make new friends and acquaintances from all walks of life.  Once a year, in June, the NPL awards one seat to the WSOP Main Event, $10,000 value to the player that wins all of the chips in the annual event.

Life is good!

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