Social media and poker

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About three years ago I would have said that poker and social media do not go together and I would have been very wrong.

Nowadays, poker professionals and wantabees, like myself, blog, tweet, facebook and otherwise use almost any of the tools of social media available to spread our message, our words, our thoughts and sometimes even our feelings.

I don’t always know who is listening and I am not sure that I resonate with everyone on every post.  But I do get feed back and I think that is what this is about.

It is about connecting with people with like interests. Sure we may not have the same political or religious beliefs or even the same taste in food and clothes.  But we do enjoy poker and defininitely have an opinion on the game and how it should be played.

I myself subscribe to over 60 blogs and try to read at least 30 or more of them a week. Some of the blogs that I read are also listed on my blogroll.

While I was using Google Reader, I discovered Google Reader Play that gives me a different way to review these blogs.  Some of these blogs are also found in Facebook. Some of these blogs are listed in the Twitter profile of people that tweet.

One of my Twitter lists contains my “poker friends”, people that I follow on line and also on my phone. I also follow some of the “Poker Pros and Poker Sites” as well.

I even have FriendFeed although I am not sure how I should be using it.

What Social Media platforms do you use to keep up with the poker world? Do you have one account or do you have multiple identities to protect the innocent? Does poker and Social Media mix well for you?

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